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臺北市立大學國際事務處 Office Of International Affairs
通化師範學院參訪 - 2017.10.17 Tonghua Normal University visiting University of Taipei 10.17.2017



Tonghua Normal University visiting University of Taipei
By Office of International Affair

To further develop academic exchange event between Taiwan and China, Tonghua Normal University visited University of Taipei on October 17th, 2017.Office of International affairs of University of Taipei held a visiting exchange meeting between two schools at 614 meeting room on the sixth floor of the Gong-Cheng Building.

This event started with the speech of vice president Ou, introducing the convenient transportation environment and outstanding geographical location, great campus environment and the spotlight of our education. Later, detailed school administration affairs were introduced by the Director of each department, participant including Dean of Student Affairs professor Tsai, dean of General Affairs professor Wang, director of Center for Teacher Education and Career Development, professors from Department of Learning and Materials Design and so on. The two sides took photos after the meeting and have a campus tour guided by International office staff.

The whole event ended perfectly at approximately eleven o’clock the same day. Hope this academic exchange event could make Tonghua Normal University and University of Taipei a deeper partnership, brings abundant of resources to both schools and have a better development on academic field.
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