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臺北市立大學國際事務處 Office Of International Affairs


南洋北流-臺北市ICT 南鑽人才匯流計畫申請(Northern Stream of Nanyang Talents - Taipei City ICT Southern Diamond Talent Convergence Plan)

南洋北流-臺北市ICT 南鑽人才匯流計畫

Northern Stream of Nanyang Talents - Taipei City ICT Southern Diamond Talent Convergence Plan. (English content please see the attached bellow.)     

Apply for Northern Stream of Nanyang Talents from now until 4/13


(一)  發展本市優質高等教育產業、ICT專業人才培育藉由臺北豐富高等教育資源,吸納馬來西亞及印度優秀青年學子,來臺就讀碩博學位,促進本市高教生源、競爭力及國際化,並讓優秀青年能留臺至ICT產業服務,作為企業重要人力,並適時鏈結南向國家產業,協助企業擴展觸角。

(二)  擴大雙邊學子交流及提升本市學生國際素養透過吸納印度及馬來西亞優秀青年來臺就讀碩博學位,與本市學子交流互動產生不同新思維與觀念,也鼓勵本市國內青年學子學習不同語言及文化,赴東南亞及南亞地區深度歷練、創業、擴展臺灣市場與經濟實力。

(三)  擴展雙邊教育合作平臺藉由本次籌組新南向國家人才培育團隊,推動臺灣連結(Taiwan Connection)計畫,並促成本市及雙邊高等教育機構聯盟。

II. Plan Objectives
(I) Develop the city's high-quality higher education industry and ICT professional personnel training.
The goal is to use the rich higher-education resources of Taipei to attract outstanding young students from Malaysia and India to obtain master degrees in Taiwan; promote the higher education resources, competitiveness and internationalization of Taipei; and keep these talents in Taiwan's ICT industry services as the critical manpower for the industry, timely connect to the south-bound national industries, and help our industries to expand their reach. 
(II) Expand the Bilateral Student Exchanges and Enhance the International
Quality of the Students in this City
The outstanding Indian and Malaysian students obtaining their master's degrees in Taiwan can interact with the local students to share different and innovative ideas and concepts; encourage the local students to learn different languages and cultures; and inspire the local students to take on in-depth experiences, entrepreneurship, and expand the market and economic strength of Taiwan to the Southeast and Southern Asia. 
(III) Expand the Bilateral Education Cooperation Platform
The Taiwan Connection plan is organized by the New South-bound National Talent Cultivation Team to promote bilateral institution alliances between Taipei City and higher education institutions. 


1. 「印度或馬來西亞國籍」學生及僑生。

2. 具符合教育部採認規定之國內外大學校院學、碩士學位。

3. 學業成績優良、品行端正之人士。

4. 2018年2月起新生適用。


Enrollment subjects (scholarships are available for students with the following qualifications).

1. Indian, Malaysian, or overseas Chinese students.
2. Domestic and foreign universities and master degrees recognized by the provisions of the Ministry of Education.
3. Students with excellent academic performance and good character.
4. Applicable to new students starting February 2018.



For details, please refer to the attachment below, for students who wish to apply, please fill in the form, and send the forms (including applications form , undertakings, etc., and attachments) to the International Affairs Office within the deadline.

If you have any questions, please