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University Of Taipei

Office of International Affairs



The Division of International and Cross-Strait Affairs was established in 2011. It was then renamed “the Office of International Affairs” in December 2015. The Office of International Affairs primarily focuses on providing help for overseas Chinese and international students as well as promoting international cooperation and exchange among academic institutions around the world.

  • Promotion of international cooperation

  • Enrollment of international students, including regular students and exchange students

  • Strengthen the internationalization of the university

The Office of International Affairs serves as a bridge to connect UT and the world, helping the students and scholars of UT to join the international community.

The Office of International Affairs deals with international affairs and provides access of international information for students, professors and international guests

The Office of International Affairs also provides international scholars and guests an easy way to approach and contact us, serving as an international exchange platform for UT and academic institutions abroad.

Two divisions are constituted at the Office of International Affairs: International and Cross-Strait Academic Exchange Division and International Student Service Division.

International and Cross-Strait Academic Exchange Division

  • MOU with partner universities, international contacts and reception of foreign guests
  • Visits of scholars, exchange of professors

International Student Service Division

  • Assistance for students in applying for exchange program and communicating with partner universities
  • Assistance for students in the procedure of leaving UT
  • Assistance for students from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau in applying for programs at UT