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【Scholarship Application】UT Distinguished International Student Scholarship Application

Applicant must register while applying this scholarship. The academic grade for the previous semester should be 85 or above with no failed subjects, and the conduct grade should be 85 or above. (申請當學期必須為在籍生,且前一學期學業成績八十五分以上且無任何一科成績不及格、操行成績八十五分以上。)

2. The winner of this scholarship will receive NT$50,000 in a semester. In the beginning of the semester, NT$25,000 will be awarded. Another NT$25,000 will be awarded in the end of semester after the winner completes 120 working hours at the Office of International Affairs (每學期每一名核發新臺幣伍萬元,分兩次發放,學期初核發新臺幣貳萬伍千元,學期末完成一百二十小時國際事務相關工作後,核發新臺幣貳萬伍千元。)

3. After the application is approved, Applicant has to work at the Office of International Affairs for 120 hours in that semester. (申請通過後,當學期需協助一百二十小時國際事務相關工作。)

4. Applicant must follow the Implementation Directions on the International Students Scholarship and Grants. (申請者須遵守「臺北市立大學外國學生獎助學金要點」。)

5.The deadline for the application is Friday, February 21, 2020 at 12:00 PM. (申請截止日期為2020221日中午12時)

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