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University Of Taipei

Office of International Affairs




Prospective exchange students are required to apply online.
You will be asked to submit necessary forms without mailing hardcopies.

Forms required: (Please download the attachment below)

1. Application Form for Exchange Student in University of Taipei
2. Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment
3. Medical Examination Requirements for Short-Term Students (Form C)


The exchange tenure is 1 semester only, ( except students from certain Universities from Japan and the US)   
Your period of stay for 1 semester will commence on September - Jan/Feb, or, Feb - June

You may check for course listing before your arrival by clicking HERE (in Chinese only) 

COST (per semester) [amount in New Taiwan Dollar]

Tuition Fee

(*payable to your own univeristy.
please enquire for infomation)

Additional Fees:
[Music Department:
Major Instrument Individual Tutor Fee: 8,000.00
Minor Instrument Individual Tutor Fee: 4,000.00]

Int'l Student Card 210.00
Swimming Pool Maintenance Bo-Ai Campus: 150
Accommodation Bo-Ai Campus

total est. 7,000.00

Accommodation fee  = 4,500.00
Internet (WLAN)  = 1,000.00
Dormitory Autonomous fees = 300.00
Electricity Prepaid Amount = 
Security Deposit  = 500
Dormitory Deposit = 500
Temporary Access card Deposit = 200

TianMu Campus

total est. starting from 11,000.00

Accommodation fee  = 7,500.00 / 9,000.00 
Internet (WLAN)  = 1,000.00
Dormitory Cleaning Fee = 300
Electricity Prepaid Card = 1000

Security Deposit  = 800
Electricity Prepaid Card Deposit = 200
Room Key Deposit = 20


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