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University Of Taipei

Office of International Affairs


▼2019.03.12 A Visit of Hiroshima University

Prof. Hirotaka Nanba, a professor of Hiroshima University, and Dr. Liang-Yin Yu, an assistant professor of Ming Chuan University, discuss on courses with students who are exchanging next semester.

A discussion with the faculty of UT on matters concerning exchange students and possibility of cooperation

Prof. Yi-Ku Ting, the dean of college of education, presents a gift to Prof. Hirotaka Nanba.

Prof. Yi-Ku Ting presents a gift to Dr. Liang-Yin Yu.

A picture of the faculty:

(From left to right: Prof. Chia-Yuan Chang, Director of the Division of Teacher Education Programs of the Center for Teacher Education and Career Development, Prof. Samuel Shih-Chih Wang, Director of the International Student Service Division of the Office of International Affairs at UT, Prof. Yi-Ku Ting, Prof. Hirotaka Nanba, Dr. Liang-Yin Yu, Dr. Kuan-Yee Kao, an assistant professor of the Department of Social and Public Affairs at UT)



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