【Announcement】University of Rome “Foro Italico” Erasmus+-Staff Mobility for Training



  • Full-time staff members of the University of Taipei, on paid leave during the exchange period, who will accept on-the-job training at the University of Rome “Foro Italico.
  • The grant is provided by EU Erasmus+ program.

Exchange period

From March, 2019 to June, 2019 ( travel days not included, 3 to 5 days)




  • Individual Support: the host university will provide EUR 160 per day per person
  • Accommodation: contact the host university by the participant
  • Travel Grant: the host university will provide EUR 1,500 of the budget for the airfare


  • Applicants shall submit the application form and other documents, with the approval of the Department/College, to the Office of International Affairs (OIA).
  • The application materials will be collected and sent to the committee meeting for review. Results will be approved by the President and announced to the applicants by the end of March.


By March 15, 2019

Notice for nominee

  • The nominees shall be responsible for the application of visa and the arrangement of transportation, etc.
  • The grant is provided by EU Erasmus+ program. UT will not provide any extra allowance.
  • The nominees will receive the grant during the mobility at the host university
  • A report is expected to submit to the OIA for reference.


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