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▼2020.12.25 SDGs Micro-Workshop

Activity: SDGs Micro-Workshop

Date: 12/25/2020


The Office of International Affairs held a“Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Workshop" at noon on December 25. We were honored to invite Prof. Ching-Ping Tung, Director of the Office of Institutional Research and Social Responsibility at National Taiwan University (NTU), and Dr. Chuan-Huang Chung, the Executive Officer of the Office of Research and Development at National Changhua University of Education (NCUE). They shared their experiences and approaches of promoting SDGs for their universities. In the THE University Impact Rankings 2020, NTU earned the ranking 101-200, whereas NCUE ranked 66th. For UT' s future development in SDGs, we can learn from the outstanding performances and the valuable experiences they shared with us in this workshop.

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