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Dual Degree Program

The University of Taipei (UT) has signed agreements with foreign universities that would allow other universities to acknowledge the credits of the courses offered by UT, and vice versa. After attending the University of Taipei for a certain period of time, students, if interested, will be able to transfer their credits and study abroad. After completing the required years of study in each university, completing their credit courses and graduation requirements, students would be able to obtain their dual degree.

Applicants must be currently enrolled at UT or at a partner institution which has signed a Dual Degree Program agreement UT.

▋Application Process

The selection of students for the dual degree programs should be based on fairness, impartiality and openness. The selection will be handled by the selection committee composed of the faculties of departments or programs.

The selection standards and procedures regarding the members of the selection committee should be decided at the meeting of the department or program, passed at the meeting of the college, sent to the relevant division of the Academic Affairs Office for review, and then approved by the President.

The selection process can be handled by the department/program, by the college, or by collaboration across departments/programs.

1. Confirm that the foreign university has signed the dual degree program agreement with UT.

2. Consult with the department/program regarding the degree, credit courses and time limit to complete a degree .

3. Consult with the Office of International Affairs in regard to the application process and sign the agreement for registering the dual degree program.

4. Fulfill the criteria of the dual degree program of the universities to acquire the degrees. 

Dual Degree Program Agreement template圖1

Addendum template to Dual Degree Program Agreement圖1

▋Related regulations

Regulations Governing Dual Degree Programs Between the University of Taipei and Foreign Universities

※The following are the universities that had signed an agreement on dual degree programs with UT


Universities / Department

Start Date

Cooperation Agreements (links to respective departments) 

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) 


Southwestern Oklahoma State University



Department of Music




Department of Psychology and Counseling


Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Exercise and Health Sciences


Department of Exercise and Health Science


United Kingdom

University of Essex

Language and Linguistics


Department of English Instruction



Department of Psychology 2020-NOV. Department of Psychology and Counseling



University of Malaya

Sports Centre


Department of Recreation and Sport Management



Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology


Department of Applied Physics and Chemistry