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Collaborative Agreements with Schools and Organizations

The purpose is to promote the establishment of collaborative agreements between the University of Taipei and other schools/organizations, as well as boost the University's academic position and reputation.
Collaborative Agreements:
  • Inter-university collaborative agreement: written content and the assignment of responsibilities contained in collaborative agreements with domestic partners will be managed by the Office of Research and Development; agreements with partners from overseas will be managed by the Office of International Affairs. The collaborative agreement will be submitted to the Executive Council for review and then to the President to sign.
  1. Inter-college (or between departments, graduate institutes, and centers) collaborative agreement: the College (Department, Graduate Institute, or Center) is responsible for discussing the written content of the collaborative agreement. After the agreement is reviewed and passed by the College (Department, Graduate Institute, or Center) Affairs Council, it will be submitted to the President for approval and then signed by the heads of the Colleges (Departments, Graduate Institutes, or Centers) of both parties.


Agreement Templates
Agreement Templates (link)