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▼2023.04.04-09 Education Promotion and Academic Exchange in Malaysia in 2023

Activity: Education Promotion and Academic Exchange in Malaysia in 2023

Date: 2023/04/04-09


Prof. Chiu, Principal of University Taipei, and Prof. Kuo, Dean of the Genral Educaiotn Center, visited Malaysia in early April. During the seven-day trip, they met with Malaysia's Deputy Minister of Education, Lim Hui Ying, and the Secretary-General of the Malaysian Olympic Committee, Nazifuddin Najib, to discuss the future direction of cooperation between higher education and sports. The delegation also attended the opening ceremony of the Malaysia Taiwan Higher Education Fair 2023. The trip was very informative and enriching, opening up new horizons for the development of academic and sporting talent in Malaysia.

Participents from University of Taipei: 

Prof. Yin-Hao Chiu, Principle of UT

Prof. Chin-Chuan Kuo, Dean of the General Educaiton Center 

Malaysia 1 

Malaysia 2

Malaysia 4

 Malaysia 3



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