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2024.03.01 Meeting with Hokuriku University

2024.03.01 Meeting with Hokuriku University

Activity: Meeting with Hokuriku University

Date: 2024.03.01 13:30


Professor Satoshi Nakano from the Hokuriku University, Japan, visited our school to discuss topics such as English education, teacher training, and bilingual teaching.


Participants from Naruto University of Education:

Professor Satoshi Nakano


Participants from University of Taipei:

1. Sabina Shu-Chun Chiang, Dean of International Affair Office, Flute Professor of Department of Music. 

2. Hui-Chen Hsu, Assistant Professor, Department of English Instruction

3. Mira Chiang, Assistant Professor, Center of General Education

4. Yi-Wen Chen, Executive Officer, Center for Teacher Education and Career Development

5. Ryan Soh, Assistant of International Affairs Office. 

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