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2024.03.12 Online Meeting with Virginia State University

2024.03.12 Online Meeting with Virginia State University

Date & Time:2024.03.12 9:00 AM


Virginia State University is a partner institution of UT, and both institutions have a  good  relationship    for a long time. The main agenda of this meeting focuses on discussing this year's summer exchange program and future collaboration.

Participants from Virginia State University

1.Professor Chevelle Hall

2.Professor Brian Scott

Participants from University of Taipei

1. Sabina Shu-Chun Chiang, Dean of International Affair Office, Flute Professor of Department of Music. 

2. Professor Chang, Dean of Continuing and Extension Education Office, Professor of Department of Physical Education. 

3. Professor Wang, Chair of Department of Physical Education

4. College of Kinesiology

5. College of Education

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