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2024.05.01 Meeting with Western Carolina University

Activity: Meeting with Western Carolina University

Time:2024.05.01 10:00


Western Carolina is a partner institution of UT, and both institutions have actively participated in student exchange programs for a long time. The main agenda for this visit includes discussions on future collaboration plans between the two schools.

Delegation from Western Carolina University:
1.Dr. Wesley Milner, Director of Global Engagement, Professor of International Studies 

2.Dr. Will Lehman, Department Head of World Languages

3.Dr. Yiqing Yang, Associate Professor of Sociology and International Studies

Attendees from the University of Taipei:
1.Prof. Sabina Shu-Chun Chiang,Dean of  International Affairs Office

2.Dr. Sung-Ta Liu, Director of International and Cross-Strait Academic Exchange Division

3.Dr. Wan-Lin Chiang, Assistant Professor of Department of Health and Welfare

4.Dr. Tzu-Ping Liu, Assistant Professor of Department of Social and Public Affairs

5.Exchange Student Representative: Chiao,Yun-Yi, Department of English Instruction

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