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【Announcement】SGDs Design International Awards 2020

SGDs Design International Awards 2020


Overcoming the Pandemic, Design for Evolution

We are looking for design ideas to overcome the pandemic that has caused a crisis for people across the globe.

In line with the 17 goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we want to invite a wide range of ideas that can solve the various challenges that we faced in this global pandemic. From the design of the concrete solutions such as face mask and hospital wards, communication methods and software design to accurately update changing conditions and crucial information, delivery services for daily necessities and medical system, to social system design such as social security systems, etc.

The current infection with the new coronavirus poses a massive challenge for all at a global level, and everyone is forced to think for themselves. For example, how can I learn when the university is closed? How can people living with the elderly avoid the risk of infection? Through this way, broaden your ideas and think about solutions from your immediate circumstances.

In addition, this crisis may give rise to ideas that will lead to innovation that will change the way humans have lived. We are also looking for designs that are entirely different from the past, such as international collaboration, working styles, and social system designs.

*First Review Period: May 15 – August 31, 2020


  1. Any student in a Japanese or overseas university, graduate school, vocational institution or high school, who is interested in design, may apply (including working student).
    Students not majoring in the design discipline are also welcome to apply.
  2. You can apply as an individual or in a group.

*Conditions: Any genre of design is accepted. This not only includes design involving color and shape, but also design of services and social systems. We are seeking viable proposals that can help achieve the aims of the SDGs.

*Prize Money:

  1. Grand Prize: 300,000 yen
  2. Awards of Excellence: 4 Awards of 80,000 yen each

(1) Best Innovation

(2)Best Impact

(3)Best Quality

(4)Best Feasibility

  1. Corporate Awards: We will inform you as soon as the details are confirmed.

Companies that are active in SDGs and support the purpose of the SDGs Design International Awards will provide the Corporate Awards.

The submitted works will be disclosed to the supporting companies. The selection of the design proposals is based on the appealing factor to the companies. ​​

* The first review will select about 100 entries by the Award Jury Team and the final selection will be done by the companies based on their criteria.

* Award-winning works and Corporate Awards may overlap.

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