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▼2021.03.27 2021 Taiwan Higher Education Fair(Indonesia, Online)

Activity: 2021 TaiwanHigher Education Fair( Indonesia, Online)
Date: 03/27/2021


For expanding overseas students studying in University of Taipei, we office of international affairs took part in 2021 TaiwanHigher Education Fair(Indonesia, Online), which held on March 27th, 2021 in EVERGREEN LAUREL HOTEL(Taichung).

Because of previous experience, first of all, we have short PPT to introduction overall of UT, and most importantly, we have an Indonesian student with us, who is a senior student in Department of Music, sharing his wonderful Taiwan experience in UT.

We hope high school students over the world will know us UT and welcome them to Taiwan and come to UT expecting a wonderful University life in their life.

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03.27-03 03.27-04
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