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【Announcement】The Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission Survey on the Needs of Study Aid Subsidy from July to December of 2021

Hello, university of Taipei students who come from Hong Kong and Macao students and overseas Chinese student :

In response to the severe new crown pneumonia epidemic in Taiwan, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission takes care of the possible financial difficulties of student who overseas Chinese in Taiwan.
Please fill in the following form for overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macau students who achieve the following 3 qualifications.
We will try our best to get relevant funds to help everyone (but not all of them can get subsidies).

1. Overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macau students in the semester 109-2.
2. No scholarships or grants have been received for the 109-2 semester.
3. The current life is affected by the epidemic, making it difficult to live in Taiwan.

Students must log in to the school’s "@go.utaipei.edu.tw" account and upload relevant supporting information. Those with incomplete information will not be able to assist in reporting requirements.

Please be sure to complete the reply before 12:00 noon on 10 June.

Office of International Affairs 2021.6.9
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