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▼2021.09.29 Online meeting with Memorial University of Newfoundland

Activity: Online meeting with Memorial University of Newfoundland
Date: 09/29/2021
Staff members of Memorial University of Newfoundland having an online meeting with Staff members of University of Taipei on the possibility of cooperation to make dual degree program.
1. Dr. Gerald Galway – Dean, Faculty of Education (pro Tempore)
2. Dr. Rhonda Joy - Associate Dean, Graduate Programs & Research
3. Dr. Sonja Knutson – Director, Internationalization Office
4. Mr. Chris Hibbs – International Programs Coordinator
Faculty/Staff of the University of Taipei:
-Institute of Educational Administration and Evaluation
(1) Prof. Sophia Shi-Huei Ho, Director
(2) Assoc. Prof. Tzu-Ling Hsieh 
(3) Ms. Yi-Tzu Chiu, Administrative Assistant      
-Office of International Affairs
(1) Prof. Sabina Shu-Chun Chiang, Dean
(2) Assoc. Prof. Justin Chia-Hsin Ho, Director 
(3) Ms. Pia Hsu, Officer
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