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【Announcement】Peoples' Friendship University of Russia Joint Research Project

Purpose Peoples' Friendship University of Russia call for 2022MOST-RSF Joint Research Project
Application Deadline April 15, 2022
How to Apply Online Application
Insitution Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
Research Fields Taiwan-Russian high-tech techcluster organization patterns comparison and research

The goal is to develop a model of modern joint Russian–Taiwanese clusters concept and development ways adapted to the constraints and problems of the coronavirus pandemic, in the fields of high technology (biotech, chemistry, electronics, mechanical engineering) to overcome the existing risks of the post-global stage of the development of the world economy, as well as to develop appropriate recommendations on possible further steps of implementation the studied structure.

Project tasks:
1. Analyze the current practice of creating and functioning high-tech clusters in Russia and the countries of East and Southeast Asia: current statistics, development trends, forecast estimates.

2. Analyze the current state and goals of the high-tech sectors of biotech, chemistry, electronics and mechanical engineering in Taiwan and Russia, as well as highlight their key problems in the current economic crisis, both at the national level and from the point of view of bilateral cooperation.

3. Develop ways to overcome the problems of Russian clusters, taking into account the experience of the leading Taiwanese experience, and to form a management model for possible Russian-Taiwanese cluster-type collaborations, taking into account the tasks of harmonizing the interests of partners.

4. Develop a model for ensuring the key communication functions of the cluster, taking into account the new epidemiological situation in the world.

5. Investigate the ways of preferred participation of Taiwanese companies in clusters and possible measures of state support for the cluster being developed by state organizations of Russia and Taiwan. 



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