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【Announcement】2022 Examination of Government Sponsorship For Overseas Study, please do online register students who are interested in this event

Description : Test Subjects, Date of Registration, Written Examination, Interview, Number of Admission and Announcement of Admission

1. Test Subjects : Chinese-Composition, Specialism Subjects, total three subjects.

2. Form of Registration : All with Online Registration clicking in the below of the link.
Link : https://www.scholarship.moe.gov.tw/studyabroad/exam

3. Date of Registration : 2022/07/19 8:00am - 2022/08/02 5:00 pm

4. Date of Written Examination : 2022/10/08

5. Interview : 2022/12/03、2022/12/04

6. Number of Admission : 141 Admission Quota, including General
Public Students 111, Outstanding public-funded students 5,
Aboriginal public students 10, Disabled students 5, New Southbound
country Public students 10.

7. Announcement of Admission : 2022/12/30

8. Candidates for this test need to attend the written test and interview in person. Video interview is not provided.

9. Publicly funded study abroad scholarships are limited to studying for a doctorate, but master degree is required with "Art" departments of the
group and some disciplines of the "Architecture, Planning and Design"
group. Outstanding academic achievements, aboriginal people and 3
category of disabilities people, and New Southbound country Public
students can also choose to study Master degree and Ph.D.

10. Others information about Examination of Government Sponsorship
For Overseas Study , please read the below of attachments in detailed.
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