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Application Instruction



項目 Applicants should be nominated by our partner institutions.


1Online Application Procedure 



申請期間Application Period

Term Nomination Deadline
(by University Coordinator )
Application Deadline
(by Students)
Fall Semester March 31
April 30
Spring Semester September 30
October 31



應備文件Required Documents


項目 Applicant's passport

項目 A study plan written in English or in Chinese

項目 English official academic transcript of undergraduate or graduate program

項目 Official enrollment certificate within 3 month

項目 Proof of medical insurance

項目 Medical Examination Requirements for Short-Term Students

項目 Digital ID photo



課程Course Information


項目 According to UT regulation, exchange students must take at least 2 courses or 4 credits per semester. Furthermore, students should also follow the requirements of their home universities.

項目 http://shcourse.utaipei.edu.tw/utaipei/ag_pro/ag304_index.jsp