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Program Profile

Academic Year/Term Structure


2024 Fall Semester
Orientation week starts From September 2, 2024 to September 6, 2024
Classes start

From September 9, 2024
to January 13, 2025


2025 Spring semester
Orientation week starts From February 10, 2025
to February 14, 2025
Classes start  From February 17, 2025
to June 27, 2025

Course Information

項目  According to UT regulation, exchange students must take at least 2 courses or 4 credits per semester. At least one course is offered by the department. Furthermore, students should also follow the requirements of their home universities.

項目 The course information for Fall/Spring semester is available in August/January.

項目 Before course information is announced, you may still refer to the Online Course Information website to search for courses offered in the past few years for your reference. For questions regarding a specific field/course, please contact the relevant department or the course instructor directly.

Exchange Program Application Information

2023-2024 Application Information Download(PDF)

2022-2023 Application Information Download(PDF)