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The exchange students are guaranteed to stay at the dorm.



No.1, Lane 430, Fuxing N. Road., Zhongshan District, Taipei City 10476, Taiwan

Take MRT Wenhu Line (Brown Line) and get off at Zhongshang Junior High School Station. Then it takes ten minutes to walk.



床 Room Fee
Type of Room Room Fee/Per semester
Two-person shared room
* Men-only and women-only rooms available

(not incl. electric bill)

Three-person shared room
* Women-only rooms available

(not incl. electric bill)

Four-person shared room
* Men-only and women-only rooms available

(not incl. electric bill)

Six-person shared room
* Men-only and women-only rooms available

(not incl. electric bill)

※  As far as dormitory assignments are concerned, we will usually arrange a four-person shared room.

※Electricity Fee: When checking in, you will have to purchase the electricity card of NT$200 (including a prepaid amount of NT$100 and a handling fee of NT$100). Additionally, please note that the remaining amount stored on the card will not be refunded, and you won't have to return the card when checking out. As the card is non-refundable, when approaching end of semester, it is recommended not to leave a large amount of money on the card.

※ Dormitory Cleaning Fee: NT$750 per semester. The fee will be charged in cash at check-in.

※ There is a fee of NT$800 for the use of fitted sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases.

※Public Facilities: Laundry facilities, Refrigerator, Bathroom, Internet, Lounge


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