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General Information

  • Who can apply?

Students currently enrolled in a university with which UT has a valid student exchange agreement can be officially nominated by their home university for UT exchange program.

  • How do I get nominated?

Each partner university has its own selection procedure; please contact the international office at your home university.

  • Where should I submit my application?

You should submit your application and all required documents to the online application system before the designated application deadline.

  • Does UT provide Chinese Language Courses?

Yes, exchange students can take Chinese Courses, which offer UT credits.

  • When can I select courses?

There is a schedule for courses selection. You have to select courses during a particular period of time after the registration.

  • Is there any regulation which I have to comply with when I select courses?

Yes, according to UT regulation, you must take at least two courses or four credits per semester. One of the courses you select should be the one in the department you enroll in.

  • What kind of courses can I take?

You can take courses from different departments. However, some professors may request that exchange students be equipped with basic knowledge about the courses.

  • How do I select the courses?

Please use the Information System to select the courses.
Information System Link: http://my.utaipei.edu.tw/utaipei/index_sky.html 
Course Selection Instruction (download)

  • Can I take the full academic year courses if I stay for only one semester?

Yes, you can select the courses during the course add/drop period. However, if you start your exchange program in the second semester, please consider whether you’re equipped with necessary knowledge for the advanced course.

  • What should I do if I can't enroll in the course during the course add/drop period?

When a certain class is full and not available on course selection system anymore, you can add or drop the course with the filled course selection sheet. 

  • How do I withdraw courses?

After the course drop period, you can still withdraw one course in that semester. The withdrawal deadline is usually scheduled during or after the midterm exam period. The course you withdraw will still be included on your transcript with a "W" indicating to transcript reviewers that the student attempted the course but eventually withdrew prior to completing the course for a letter grade.

Campus Life
  • Can I apply for the dormitory?

Yes, exchange students are guaranteed to stay at the dorm. The accommodation will be arranged for you.

  • Does your campus provide Wi-Fi?

Yes, Wi-Fi service is provided everywhere on Bo-Ai and Tian-Mu Campuses.

  • How do I use my student ID card?

The ID card can be used as an Easy Card (you can use it to take the MRT and bus), as well as the library and dormitory access card.
Some tickets purchased with a student ID card will be discounted.
If you lose your card, please go to the Registrar Division of the Academic Affairs Office and apply for reissuance. You will be charged NT$210 for the new card.

  • Where can I eat?

There is a food court on Bo-Ai Campus, and there are several snack bars, diners, and restaurants in the neighborhood around Tian-Mu Campus.

  • What documents do I need to prepare when applying for a resident visa?

Exchange students participating in an academic exchange program and scheduling to study in Taiwan for more than six months must prepare the following documents to apply for a resident visa (code: FS) at ROC overseas missions.

  • A passport still valid for more than six months with blank pages. A photocopy of the personal information page of the passport is also required.
  • A properly completed visa application form. You need to first access the website https://visawebapp.boca.gov.tw to fill out application form online and print it out with the bar code on it.
    • You must sign the form to confirm that all the information you have provided is true.
  • Two 2"x2" photographs
    • Photographs must be taken within six months prior to the application date, in color and with a white background.
  • An admission letter from the host university
    • Exchange students must submit an admission letter for the exchange program issued by the host university in Taiwan.
  • A health certificate issued within the past three months by a licensed hospital or clinic in the student’s country. Foreign documents must be authenticated by an ROC mission abroad. If the documents are in a language other than English, they must be submitted together with a Chinese or English translation and authenticated by an ROC mission abroad.
  • How do I apply for visa extension? 

Visitor visa holders can apply for extension within 15 days before the expiry date.
Documents for visa extension: 

  • Application form
  • Passport with visitor visa 
  • Documentary proof of study or attendance record
  • Fee: free of charge

Where to Apply: National Immigration Agency in Taipei.

  • Can I have the insurance after entering Taiwan?

No, you have to purchase the health insurance from your home country. The insurance needs to cover the entire period of your stay in Taiwan.

  • Can I enroll in the National Health Insurance program?

According to National Health Insurance Act, any foreigner staying in Taiwan with an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) over six months is obligated to register for the insurance policy under NHI. UT will provide assistance with the application procedure.
After you register for the insurance policy under NHI, the cost will be NT$ 749 each month (according to the current charging standard announced by NHI)
For more details, please contact Health Promotion Center of the Student Affairs Office.