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Campus Life


Established in 1895, as the oldest university in Taiwan, the University of Taipei has made a significant contribution to education for more than a century. After the merger of Taipei Municipal University of Education and the Taipei Physical Education College in 2013, UT has developed into a comprehensive university with extraordinary academic research achievements.

▼Bo-Ai Campus ▼Tian-Mu Campus
博愛校區 天母校區
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Contact Information of Offices

Curriculum Division web

Registrar Division web

圖3 Courses Selection

圖3 Issuing Student ID card and Record of Transcript

電話 +886-2311-3040 Ext. 1122-1123

             +886-2871-8288 Ext. 7503-7504

電話 +886-2311-3040 Ext. 1122-1123

             +886-2871-8288 Ext. 7503-7504


Student Counseling Center web Health Promotion Center web

圖3 Anyone who encounters problems

can use the counseling service to solve the problems.

圖3 Providing the service of counseling on health or nutrition problems

電話 +886-2311-3040 Ext. 4431-4435

             +886-2871-8288 Ext. 7932-7937

電話 +886-2311-3040 Ext. 4171-4174

              +886-2871-8288 Ext. 1201-1202


Office of Military Training web Cashier's Division web

圖3 Supervising the allocation of the dorms and deal with the emergency cases

圖3 Issuing the bill of tuition

電話 +886-2311-3040 Ext. 1232、1235

             +886-2871-8288 Ext. 7915-7916

電話 +886-2311-3040 Ext. 1333

             +886-2871-8288 Ext. 7622


Library web

Computer and Networking Center web

圖3 Collection request

圖3 Construction and maintenance of Internet, Wifi, Email

電話 +886-2311-3040 Ext. 2141

             +886-2871-8288 Ext. 1111

電話 +886-2311-3040 Ext. 8511-8514

              +886-2871-8288 Ext. 3503-3504